The Colosseum and Ancient City: A taste of Ancient Rome

It Doesn’t matter how many times you have seen Gladiator the movie, nothing can prepare for the feeling of standing before the great amphitheatre in person. Join Author and Discovery channel speaker Maximus Francia as he takes you back to the time of the Caesars.


I came,  I saw, I remembered. Nothing fascinates us more, than the Romans and their apparent obsession for Blood and Sand, yet as always there is more than meets the eye. With this tour we shall walk you through the centre of an Empire, that once stretched from Scotland to Persia. We shall share with you the history of this great site and let you experience what it must have been like for the Emperor, the spectators and the Gladiators. An exciting and fun visit, with our small intimate groups and easy no line access.

Maximus Francia Dolce Vita Rome

Tour Details


Includes Colosseum, Ancient city and Capitoline hill.

  • COST : 65 euros per adult, 50 euros per student with a valid student ID under the age of 26,  25 euros per kids ages 6-14.
  • DAYS : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • DURATION: 2 hours 30mins.
  • MEETING PLACE: Central easy-to-reach location. Full details provided upon booking
  • NOTE: All prices include skip the line Entrance and reservation fees.
  • GROUP SIZE: 2  to 10 people (adults) Maximum.

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