Mysteries Of Rome

No one leaves Rome saying “I missed the Colosseum or I never saw the Vatican”, but the things you do miss are what makes Rome so truly unforgettable. The fault lies with the maps that don’t print the side streets and the guide books that don’t mention them. With over 900 churches in Rome, how can you make a top one hundred list let alone a top ten? Let us show you sights, that few ever see and many save us, don’t have access to.

After 3 years of passing a small, often abandonded church, I struck up a friendship with the priest, asking why he had dedicated almost 40 years of his life to the church, he beckoned my perplexed group and I to the underground of the Basilica. Once there we were subjected to the church’s private collections of art, from unfinished Bernini’s, lost Renaissance masterpieces to holly relics. So started my quest to find the things no one ever sees.  This is what I want to show you, discoveries made over the last 5 years, through research, coincidence and often…pure luck. So here is my question…would you like me to introduce you to the real Michelangelo and through a death mask stare into his eyes for the first time? Would you like to be snuck into a crypt to see the tomb of two of Christ original apostles or perhaps solve  the riddle of Galileo? What about doing the unthinkable, the chance to rub your own hand across a Michelangelo and find proof that  he truly could turn marble to flesh? Then come and I guarantee by the time the tours done, when your sitting in a wonderful local area, with a good meal and glass of wine, you will know that no trip to Rome is ever your last.
Alexander Mariotti Dolce Vita Rome

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Includes The secret Catacombes, tomb of Michelangelo, smallest copy of St Peter’s, Gallileo’s arch enemy, lost Michelangelo, church made out of the Colosseum and more.

  • COST : 40 euros per adult, 30 euros per student with a valid student ID under the age of 26!

  • DURATION: 2hours.

  • MEETING PLACE: Central easy-to-reach location. Full details provided upon booking

  • All prices include Entrance and reservation fees.


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