Food Safari: food on the move with a tour of Rome’s Culinary delights.

Food Safari: food on the move with a tour of Rome’s Culinary delights.

Enjoy the best of what Rome has to offer, Art, history, culture, food ….and Gelato. A day to remember where the sites of Rome come to life and are enriched by the tastes of local cuisine. See some of the oldest monuments, taste delicious starters, meals, desserts and of course drink some wonderful wine. Join us as we guide you from the heart of Rome, through the less visited parts of the city and all the while stopping off to enjoy local delicacies.

Stephen Dolce Vita Rome
Rome offers so much, that it can be all very overwhelming. So much so that most come to the city, see the essentials, eat a pizza or a bowl of Bolognese and then jet off. In doing so, they never really get a chance to see the or experience the true soul of Rome. That’s what we are here for, so one night we sat down and made a tour that incorporated the things that are fascinating, but few bother with and decided that food had to be a part of it. Pizza is not Roman and neither is Bolognese, in fact few of the main dishes tend to be authentic Roman cuisine. That’s why we decided to make a full evening or morning into an experience, a tour and a meal entwined, instead of doing your tour and giving recommendation’s, we would take you to our favourite osteria’s and let you taste our favourite meals so that you can leave Rome having had a true taste of the city, from it’s monuments to it’s dishes.

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FOOD: Pistacchio cake, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, homemade gelato, prosciutto, pecorino cheese, Authentic Roman pasta dish and a glass of vino, Tiramisu,  Blue Mountain espresso.

  • COST : 55 euro per adult.45 euro students under 26 with valid id. 25 euro for children ages 6 to 14.
  • GROUP: 2 minimum to 10 people (adults) maximum.
  • DAYS: Friday only.
  • DURATION: 2 hours 30mins.
  • MEETING PLACE: Central easy-to-reach location. Full details provided upon booking

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